Bug when purchasing Vacus with XCP

Please help !

Buy Vacus with XCP 1 hour ago.
After completing the process, vacus can not be found when wallet is confirmed.
When checking the history, the number of vacus which seems to be a bug is displayed (if it is originally 26,500 vacus).

Does your XCP not return?

I am sorry many times during the busy New Year.

In the case of a problem on the system of Counterwallet like this time, the administrative side do not guarantee transactions? Is it self-responsibility?

Because transaction contents are already described on the block chain, I feel that rewriting is difficult.

Is there anyone who can advises on these things?

I hope someone will respond this FAQ.

Dear support team.

Now I checked the counter wallet and found that I was back in XCP before the deal.

Thank you for your response during your busy schedule.

Kind regards.