Bter XCP withdrawals disabled

Does any one know how to withdraw XCP from
No support at all from their site. XCP Withdrawals are disabled.
Why they are allowed to sell and receive XCP without having proper withdrawal enabled?
Counterparty should try investigate and help XCP holders in withdrawal process Bter accounts.

Counterparty doesn’t recommend, endorse (or the opposite) anyone.
Also there are no “employees” here, it’s just volunteers.

Counterparty the Project won’t give you any advice or recommendation.

Maybe they’re simply having technical issues. How can we know?

Well I opened a account, sent bitcoins and bought some XCP. Now I want to withdraw XCP and withdrawals are disabled. So I’m stuck.
I called the tel number on site… its a fake number…
No response from email support…
chat service is in Chinese…which i google translated…same thing again… automated reply …says no support available.
domain is registered to some Mr. Lin Han ee. in BVI …also number given on go daddy where the domain is registered…goes to a answering machine +19059026566
I guess this site is a ponzi scheme.
Simply why wouldn’t they respond otherwise…???

Just giving my experience so others don’t fall for

They are Chinese, operating offshore, it’s a known fact.
I think they were hacked last year (or was that in late 2014?), but I didn’t hear of problems lately.
In the past some forum members here reported they were slow to respond, maybe they are understaffed on the English side.