Barter now listed on counterpary as BARTERXCP

Barter has joined the counterparty community we have launched a very successful service on coinsortium and have had several requests to list on counterparty as BARTERXCP.

Realize your dream with BarterOCF
Companies are created out of ideas; however, the whole process of developing a company out of ideas is a pretty tough procedure. All the resources that are needed to build the company may make the ambition seem unreachable. To make this a little easy, one may need investors to aid both with services and capitals.
With services of companies such as BarterOCF, achieving such goals are made possible. BarterOCF makes investments in companies while they are still at their starting stages. We invest in the companies by offering to them services that they may find useful in their endeavors. We also give crypto to these developing companies. Currently, the IRS categorizes crypto as goods. We also give crypto solely for equity, and not as the common assumption of cash.
BarterOCF is creating a new strategy of crowd funding. This new form is very different from the previous methods in which money was involved. We have initiated a funding method in which the funding is done, either through services rendered or through goods that are given. Crowd funding is the practice of facilitating the development of a new company. This is done through getting contributions from numerous people, usually, on the internet. Usually three parties are involved in crowd funding.
The first party is the party that proposes the project or idea that needs the funding, the third party is the party that is interested in the idea and is willing to fund it. The second party is the platform that brings the first and the second party together.
At BarterOCF, we will help connect the founder of the idea to potential supporters. We especially do this in three ways.
Online barter trades are very beneficial and they may help the funds build up pretty fast. The funds are accrued faster especially if they are managed properly. Investing crypto with BarterOCF on the sites of crypto funds ensures that the crypto is well taken care of. We manage all the barter trades involved thus ensuring that the funds quickly multiply.
When you have an idea that you would like to receive funding, it is very important that you make it public so that interested parties who feel like supporting it can contribute for it. For this to be made practical, you need a platform that will bring both parties together. For these services, you can list your services with BarterOCF. From here, companies can see it and decide on whether or not to support it.
After seeing what you have listed, the companies that are interested will make offers. You can thereafter bring these resources together with other users, after which you can admit offers from other companies. This is another great way of crowd sourcing.
With the services of BarterOCF getting a company up and running will not be much of a problem. We will ensure that your idea is quickly materializes and you will soon after reap the benefits. you should also be certain that with BarterOCF, your crypto is safe and more productive.

Sounds interesting. Do you have a website with contact information or more details about your company?

We are listed on we will have a full investment website up within the next week or so can be found a

The site is live updated information including full business plan can be found at

Those who are not interested in using counterparty can also join us through

Hello! I would love to learn more about this. I am researching your project right now, but the BARTERXCP asset is your equity asset correct? If so to validate this could you send me an email to from an official email. I would love to add this to but need to verify

Yes sir I will email you

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Access to the business plan can be done on the company information section of password to access the page is Barterocf1 and is available to anyone

Official Press Release: (submitted to 5000 media agencies)

World’s Most Unique Crowdfunding Site Barter OCF Announces Company now Listed on Counterparty

Barter OCF is a crowdfunding website that has stepped outside of the box since the beginning, fully supporting Bitcoin and taking other unconventional approaches to the crowdfunding experience. Recently, showing evidence of their gathering momentum, Barter OCF has been listed on Havelock Investments, a leading private investments company based in Panama.

June 16, 2015

With the goal of bringing bartering to the crypto world, the innovative crowdfunding company Barter OCF has been a trendsetter in both the crypto and crowdfunding spaces. Recently, the company announced they have been listed by private investments company Havelock Investments, a breakthrough that’s been long anticipated the leap into counterparty was an easy step to follow with there advanced systems.

“We are developing the most unique crowdfunding website in the world and being listed on Counterparty will only help,” commented a spokesperson from Barter OCF. “It’s a win/win all around, especially for our users.”

According to the company, their ultimate goal is to help startups find the funds they need to succeed. All of their efforts are focused on treating investors and startups both fairly, an area they keep in mind each and everyday.

For more information on the company be sure to visit

We have completed a trademark search and began the filing process. Once approved we with make an official announcement with our site name