Asset Issuning and Name Changes

Dear Sir,

I am Jitender pal singh, i have create asset with Nanak Token ID : A13021663009733145000 i want to keep ID and Token " NANAK " so how do i set name of this asset

  1. i am going launch this Token 5,000,000,000,000 For Donation Purpose so my Asset will not disturb in running this donation operation like Error or sanding issue ever in future,

3 how do set logo to my Nanak Token or A13021663009733145000

Jitender Pal Singh

You’re better off just issuing a new token called NANAK. You can set a logo by linking to a json as the description. This is easiest using

Hi, I’d like to create a custom token with only 3 letters, not 4.
Is that possible?
I see on the registration that it requires 4 letters.

Got the answer from CoinDaddy. It’s 4 letters. Thanks
Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season!

Sir ,

I have successfully added Asset Token “NANAK” as well as Issued Quantity but Logo Setting is very confusing for please help for this

how do I add logo Nanak.json file

Jitender Pal Singh