[ANN] XCP Foundation to Host First Public Forum, Feb 9th 2020

After being elected by the community several months ago the newly-elected foundation is happy to announce some progress that it has made recently. after several months of due diligence to determine what type of legal entity the foundation will become. We are happy to announce that we have hired on retainer legal council to set up the foundation as a completely legal entity. By becoming an official and legal, foundation, we will be able to effectively support, maintain and develop the CounterParty protocol as a whole.

The XCP Foundation would like to announce our first public meeting taking place on Sunday, February 9th at 12 NOON EST. During this meeting we will outline the state of things and follow up with a question and answer period. Afterwards, the foundation members will gather, aggregate, weigh, vet and otherwise process our collective options into realistic agency. It is important to remember that we are acting as representatives of the community. Therefore we are at a crucial stage that is just before gathering data from our first public meeting and then an extensive questionnaire to follow in order to determine the sentiment of anyone, not just those who are able to attend the meeting. A basic itinerary of the meeting will be shared ahead of time.

While we understand it’s been a rough year for CounterParty after the abrupt dissolution of the previous foundation. It’s taken a while for the community to regroup and find its new direction. We are confident and prepared to resume fostering the XCP protocol to increase its stability, userbase and overall protocol usage.

At this time, we are asking for the community’s support and encourage any type of questions or feedback regarding our newly elected board and it’s renewed direction. The foundation has set up an email account address specifically for you to share questions or concerns with us all directly at info@xcpfoundation.org or by replying in this post.

Thank You


Glad to see some movement! I will be there!
Always here to help push things forward!

Best regards,
World Chaplain.
Hon. Larry Shelton

Good to see many good advances on Counterparty Platform.

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Good work!

It is nice to see the foundation moving forward.

A basic itinerary of the meeting will be shared ahead of time.

Where can we find the itinerary? I will not be able to participate in meeting live due to time difference, but I believe other participants should have sufficient time to read the itinerary and prepare the questions/comments.

Good luck!

Sorry for the delay. There will be an open Q&A period at the end for anything that attendees would like to address.

XCP Foundation Itinerary for February 9th 2020 (google doc version)

Following in the tradition of the previous administration, we will be using Discord for this meeting and until there is a more complete p2p and open source solution.

  • Official recognition of the efforts of Sasha
  • Delaware efforts and not an actual Foundation
    • Previous efforts were unsuccessful in official establishment of foundation
    • The plan to begin again with a foundation structured legally to accept donations and help sustain, support and build the counterparty protocol.
  • Bringing the foundation bylaws up-to-date
    • Current changes are WY
    • Creating a 501c(3) - Rational
  • Look forward, and what we still need
    • Need an Accountant (CPA)
    • Rebranding logo suggestions/contest?
    • Temporary Wordpress template(s) - for XCP Foundation
    • Conference
    • New XCP mission statement
    • Join our eMail list
  • Welcoming any type of feedback on the bylaws and opening question period.

will there be any report from this?

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The whole meeting was recorded and uploaded to soundcloud and the link will be available shortly. We are still working on setting in place the process for these types of things so it should be a quicker process in the future. We are excited to hear what people have to say about our current direction/efforts.


Link: https://soundcloud.com/xcpfoundation


thanks for the help. the direct link is

please feel free to ask questions or make comments on Soundcloud or here

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