What if the Counterparty VM could give token holders the ability to create their own?

Well see. Here is a VM in development. Is good for the Counterparty Server to have its own Virtual Machine, in order to make able users to create Smart Contracts and DAO’s inside the platform.

So, Counterparty has many functions, make able to XCP holders to create their token as in Counterwallet as Coindaddy.io. And also, create sub-tokens from their owns.

It means:

  • The new MainVM must have the function to create VMs for tokens to release the way for token holders to create Smart Contract for sub-tokens.

I don’t know. It just a suggestion that could be discussed here.

The VM would be tapping into all of CPs already existing functions… so issuances, dividends, sends, dispensers, broadcasts, DEX orders, etc… all CP actions would be available inside the VM.