What happened with my counterwallet.co StorJ funds? Old ICO Investor here

MESSAGE + NEW WALLET DIALOGUE when logging in with my old counterwallet.co / counterparty account passphrase:
If you are trying to access a wallet created before May 8, 2014, you have typed the passphrase incorrectly

So… Is this a vague way of telling me that my ICO investment (>1 BTC in StorJ) is completely gone???

Or is it still somewhere? I thought the point of decentralization was to prevent these kind of things of happening in the first place??

Kindly advise and explain?


You should be able to login at counterwallet.io using the same passphrase.

No one is telling you that your investment is gone… not sure where your getting that from.

If you still have your 12-word passphrase, then you should still be able to access your funds.

Do you see the ‘Accept Terms’ button? Click that and you should get into the wallet.

if your seeing something different, please take a screenshot and post so we can see.

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