Unique Address Alias

Bitcoin would have been more user-friendly if addresses had a human-readable format. A suggested solution is to allow any user to assign a unique alias to his address. The problem is to reach consensus on which alias that corresponds to which address. Another problem is squatting.

Counterparty has solved both these problems. When registering an asset, you need to select a unique name, and your address is tied to it as the owner (not to be confused with asset holder - see http://www.blockscan.com/assetInfo.aspx?q=LTBCOIN). Squatting is not a problem due to the 0.5 XCP fee. Consensus is reached through the blockchain, of course.

I know this is not the intended use of tokens, and I doubt any wallet plans on implementing it. But why not prepare for such use? I suggest another feature in the protocol as well. Why not allow the owner of an asset to assign aliases to any number of addresses?

E.g. there could be JOHN@MYTOKEN.XCP, SARAH@MYTOKEN.XCP, JOHN@ASSETABC.XCP and so on - see the similarity to email. Once a wallet implements this format it would be much more user-friendly to transfer BTC, XCP or any Counterparty asset.