System is telling me not enought BTC to pay transaction fees... But I have enough


I want to send FLDC coins… I have 0.00061 BTC in my wallet.

But the system keeps telling me that I need to have BTC in a particular address…

Then, if I want to send BTC from my wallet to this address, the system
is telling that I cannot send to the same address that I am withdrawing from.

Which mean that my BTC are in the accurate address to serve as fees.

So, WHY the system is not willing to use the BTC at the address to pay the fees.

The fees are LESS that the amount I have (I have fees around 0.0003)

Thanks for helping as I feel this is a catch 22

Sorry, but how do you think your answer will help me???

Each time, the info from CounterParty about the amount of fees to be payed
were UNDER the amount of BTC I have in my address.

I just tried again to make the withdrawal… still the same message about the fees.

I am a bit fedup to have my coins traped in that not helpful platform,
not willing to answer support request or helping in anyway.

It have been over a month now…

See my answer here:

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