So who is building CounterDAQ?

So who is building BitDAQ and BYSE, or CounterDAQ or something like that, a full equivalent of the global stock market on the blockchain? Seems an obvious Counterparty app, so I am sure that somebody is doing it. (sorry I don’t have much time to scan previous discussions.

We are doing it. Will launch in 2015 3Q.

Najska, can you share some details?


I am sorry. Not now. We are negotiating with the market specialists now, the project is still in its early developmental stage.

What is the difference between this and the DEX? The distributed exchange is a global stock market of sorts. It just needs more liquidity.

It is to trade NASDAQ stocks on the dEx. So you need liquidity providers, in other words, market makers or specialists for that.

I’m more inclined to wait on this until the individual companies that are listed or some reputable established broker of those existing securities creates assets on Counterparty that they would bind to legally. Of course informal offerings could be made but either way some trust in the issuer would be involved.

So now we know who is building CounterDAQ!

Congratulations to Overstock and Counterparty, this is going to be big!

@giulio good point. I didn’t think of Medici as CounterDAQ but it is pretty close in purpose isn’t it?