Sign_tx method not found


I tried to sign a raw transaction but method not found

“jsonrpc”: “2.0”,
“id”: 0,
“method”: “sign_tx”,
“params”: {
“unsigned_tx_hex”: “010000000120a910bff49603e31bb568598a054b8d9f328ea50090328650e266e6cc14961d010000001976a914c8c934c4ad0fa394fd01747c375957f30752e26f88acffffffff020000000000000000306a2e31966ea94b7d5d4185043cdf4ff1131421b40e03e87ab52fbb705fed10e28550ac5034e19aeb3edd5dc67fc5ebd308ad5805000000001976a914c8c934c4ad0fa394fd01747c375957f30752e26f88ac00000000”,
“privkey”: “7d922219f699bdff7e7ead6a…xxx…874c88a387c82c787b781092b6eb58b7”

“jsonrpc”: “2.0”,
“error”: {
“code”: -32601,
“message”: “Method not found”
“id”: 0

Does anyone of you guys have any idea, thank you so much

Looks like sign tx was removed from counterparty and needs to be done on bitcoin.

Signing Transactions Before Broadcasting

Note: Before v9.49.4, the counterparty server API provided an interface to Bitcoin Core’s signing functionality through the do_*, sign_tx and broadcast_tx methods, which have all since been removed.

All create_ API calls return an unsigned raw transaction serialization as a hex-encoded string (i.e. the same format that bitcoind returns with its raw transaction API calls). This raw transaction’s inputs may be validated and then must be signed (i.e. via Bitcoin Core, a 3rd party Bitcoin library like Bitcore, etc) and broadcast on the Bitcoin network.

You can use server to sign raw transactions.

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