Send BTC + Asset in One Transaction

When you transfer a Counterparty Asset, you send a dust-amount of BTC as well.

Is it possible to transfer any amount (>= dust limit) of BTC in a Counterparty transaction?

For example, an electronics store sells a TV for 1 BTC. However, if you have a discount token, you’ll get the TV for 0.9 BTC + 1 discount token. Can the 0.9 BTC + token be transferred in one transaction? 

A developer says “yes”. 

I probably don’t know the answer to your next question, though !

Cool, I believe such transactions will be common in the future.

Another example is Alice the Musician. She sells her mp3’s for 0.05 BTC each. She realizes that she can reward fans who blog about her, write in forums, etc, by giving them a discount token, ALICECOIN. One Alicecoin is backed by a 0.01 BTC discount. 

When buying with discount, the buyer transfers 0.04 BTC + 1 ALICECOIN in one transaction.

A huge advantage for Alice is that there are no direct costs with issuing the coin, but the fans who anyway would buy mp3’s see a real value in it. Holders of the coin who do not want to buy her music - even with a discount - will try to sell it on the DEX. If she gives away a reasonable amount of coins the market price should be slightly less than 0.01 BTC.

I was thinking about a similar approach as well. 

Once there will be a mobile wallet and then things like that will be convenient - I’m sure there will be a lot of innovation happening.