Regarding Token created on counterparty

I have created token named “Bitether” on counterparty and i have some requirements of description of that token… I tried but didnt get… Please help me out for the same

  1. What is the RPC and P2P port (default)?
  2. how to calculate total no. of blocks per day?
  3. What is source code link?
  4. How to calculate Block current height?
  5. Algorithm? (Pos/Pow)
    I am going to list this token on exchange, thats why i required the aboce details…
    Please help me to get the same…

Thanks in advance…

  1. RPC of Counterparty Server, you mean? See the docs, but you don’t need to expose this port - unless you want to use it with your app. There’s no Counterparty P2P port, we use Bitcoin P2P as “transport mechanism”.
  2. 144, we use Bitcoin
  3. Source code for various Counterparty packages can be found at You may want to look at counterparty-lib, CounterWallet, counterblockd
  4. Block current height - we use the Bitcoin blockchain, so whatever you get from Bitcoin Core, that’s the correct information (you can also look it up at and other online explorers)
  5. Algos: A PoW, Bitcoin, is used to record Counterparty transactions on to the Bitcoin blockchain. Validity of Counterparty transactions is determined by counterparty-lib (and the server than runs it), and if a transaction was incorrectly created it won’t be recognized/considered valid by other Counterparty servers.

Maybe it’s best to start with Federated Node documentation, which has an overview of all services and ports involved in the functioning of Counterparty Server with DEx and Counterwallet.