Questions about P2SH encoding

Counterparty now supports P2SH encoding.

I used JDog’s MPMA Tool and created these transactions (one P2SH encoded counterparty tx = 2 bitcoin txs).

The block explorer informs that: This transaction could save 62% on fees by upgrading to native SegWit-Bech32 or 54% by upgrading to SegWit-P2SH on the 2nd and largest transaction. For the first tx the saving could be 36/26%.

  1. Is it technically possible to get this saving with Counterparty data?
  2. I tested a large broadcast with CW. It still uses multisig encoding. Any plan to upgrade CW to use P2SH?
  3. FreeWallet uses P2SH only for MPMA sends. Will it be updated to use P2SH for broadcasts too?

1.) Yes, if you use a segwit (bech32) address, you can save on fees… this is working NOW on counterparty… only issue with bech32 addresses right now is with MPMA sends (change is sent to bad address, resulting in loss of funds, which is why I have disabled MPMA sends for segwit addresses in until we get a chance to get the MPMA send issue fixed… MPMA sends from normal addresses works fine)

2.) You should be able to specify “P2SH” for the “encodings” param on most “create_” requests…

3.) Yes, at some point in the future I will update desktop wallet to allow users to choose their preferred encoding type, but for now, I just allow Counterparty to use the default encoding method, except in the case of MPMA sends, where I force the encoding to be “P2SH” :slight_smile: