The CounterParty white paper talks of using OP_RETURN.

However, see this Bitcointalk thread, suggests that there might be a problem getting that detail relaying and included in blocks.
Summary: In 0.9, OP_RETURN data TxOut will become a standard transaction type. However, this is controversial, and some miners may just reject OP_RETURNs with data junk.[/quote]

Thoughts?.. Is this a known issue and what is XCP’s approach to this??

I’m expecting this type of detail could not suffer the same issue that is transaction maleabiility but wonder whether miners would have an option to corrupt OP_RETURN data.

I wonder that for a lot of real world needs, different applications will need to create their own blockchains, and that from the little I’ve seen of Mastercoin and other Bitcoin2.0 protocols, the currency options within those might also solve other problems by shielding those applications from off topic problems.

Today, Counterparty uses bitcoin multi-sig. OP_RETURN is not yet available and miners may not yet accept these transactions, but they will accept multi-sig as standard transaction.