New TCA Remittance Forum on Let's Talk Bitcoin

I just created an Let's Talk Bitcoin Token-Controlled Access forum to discuss all things related to remittances. This is one of the things related to cryptocurrency that I am most passionate about, and I think that, if like-minded individuals put their heads together, we can begin to overcome some of the hurdles that are still in the way of making international remittances a reality.

If you are interested, the asset on Counterparty is INTLREMIT. All you will need to take part in this discussion is a single INTLREMIT token and a Let's Talk Bitcoin account. Once you have both, the Remittance Forum will show up on the "Token Viewpoints" section of the LTB Forums

I have limited access to 750 participants. I also decided to sell all of the INTLREMIT on the Counterparty open market for .25 XCP (that's about 50 cents USD at the current exchange rate). The user limit and the tiny buy-in are merely to insure that discussion is productive, spam-free, and involves those who are serious about addressing the issues surrounding international remittances.