My token doesn't show up on the exchange market

Hi, I just created a token for my new companies stock but it doesn’t show up on the exchange market. Do I have to do something to get it on the market?

Yes you have to sell it (make a sell offer). Or someone has to create a buy offer.

You can find a tutorial here:

Also in the FAQs on this forum, there are questions and answers related to how the DEx works.

First and foremost, each sell or buy offer is a bitcoin transaction, so there’s a transaction fee to them (unlike on centralized exchanges that trade off the blockchain, here each offer is actually registered on the blockchain even if it it is not matched).

Secondly, orders expire (by default within few days).

Check the documentation and you can use Testnet wallet with “fake” tokens to practice (create 2 wallets and use one as buyer and the other as seller to see how it works).