Invalid Passphrase Word

My first experience with trying to create a Counterwallet is driving me nuts! 

Step 1. Created a 12 word passphrase and entered it in.
Step 2. Then I have to type each word in the corresponding box with the popup keyboard.
Step 3. Epic fail! 

Every time I type in the second or third word I get an error message that says “invalid phrase word”?
Yes… Invalid phrase word? Okay, so there are words that are invalid? I tried changing the words, same problem! I tried changing the passphrase, same problem! I tried typing in the passphrase as opposed to copy and paste, same problem! This is so infuriating as I seemed to have been tripped up on the very first hurdle. 
Any ideas here would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks
Happy New Year :slight_smile:

@blink182, you’re not supposed to pick your own pass phrase (because a human can’t pick a random pass phrase).

If you want easier access, you can setup a Quick Access URL on desktop (and then securely transfer it to your mobile device as well, if you want):

Happy New Year!!