How to Successfully getting paid

Integrate successfully in opencart.

when checkout with bitcoin bitpay, redirects to

i clicked on pay with bitcoin… new tab open but nothing happens…

Please Do REply
All suggestions are appreciated…

@arslan, is this spam or a real question related to Counterparty?

I am assuming this is related to paying for his counterparty membership ?

This time I even clicked on the damn link - it’s a test invoice that’s expired, so I still don’t get it. For now it remains one of New Year’s greatest mysteries.

(Counterparty Foundation - I just checked and opined on that to Robby - is unfortunately still fiat only).

(Counterparty Foundation - I just checked and opined on that to Robby - is unfortunately still fiat only).

Counterparty Foundation accepts Bitcoin payment (and has done so from the start) and will hopefully accept XCP payment soon.

Okay so the prices are in US$, but checkout is also available in BTC.

Now back to @arslan: the invoice is a test invoice, so it’s not related to Counterparty Foundation membership which takes one to
What is it about?

thanks to all of you…

I’ll tell you in detail:

I configured bitcoin-bitpay as a payment method in opencart to accept bitcoin payments.

For this…
I have made an account on

with this i configured address of

Now it’s working…
untill the it shows pay with bitcoin…

But when i clicked , it didn’t worked anymore…

Hi @arslan,

I think this is how it works:

a) On your site (e.g. you install the plugin

b) You direct users to
(Yes, you can use a testnet address obtained from Counterwallet at

c) You need to provide a callback link to your own site (, not to Please check Bitpay and the plugin documentation.

Since this is a bitcoin question, its resolution is not related to Counterparty (and Counterwallet), but I hope you’ll find a way to fix it.

1. Go to and see the instructions.
2. As I mentioned above, the Callback URL is a URL on your own site.

I didn’t installed an app for opening bitcoin links…/

that’s why a blank page opens…

Now i have installed a multibit desktop app and it’s working now… :slight_smile:

thanks to all of you…

Glad to hear you sorted it out!