How to generate private key from blockscan address

how to generate private key from blockscan address

You cannot generate a private key from an address. Only the owner of the address has the private key for that address.

I am the owner of the address. How do I obtain the private key? Any suggestions?? Thanks.

the address is: 1FK32eU7srjwjV9HfGsNL1aaDKJXHbRDDu

What wallet software did you use to create the address?

I think the counterparty wallet, but frankly I don’t remember

If you used counterwallet (, you will need to login there. Once logged in you can export the WIF private key.

I see it is a Counterparty address. It also looks like you just created the address 18 days ago. Did you write down the pass phrase? Hopefully??? If so then it’s easy to get the private key or WIF from inside. Reply if you can get inside with the pass phrase and then I will tell you simply how to get your WIF. hope I can help.

Yes, I have the pass phrase. I don’t need the priv key for my counterparty wallet, I need the priv key for 1FK32eU7srjwjV9HfGsNL1aaDKJXHbRDDu which is the address holding my tokens.

And is it possible to change my pass phrase?

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Yes in simple terms. But first let me tell you how to get your private key. Log in, then on the Blue Bar, provided your setup is still basic, if not it’s the bar directly above your asset balances. Look to the direct right of your address on that bar and click the pull down tab “Address Actions”. Then it’s the second option in the pull down menu listed as “Show Private Key”. Once you click on that option, you will see a pop up saying “Show Private Key” in Blue. Just make sure you are in private so no one can swipe your key after clicking the “Show Private Key” phrase. Once you click the phrase it will immediately show your Private Key. To be technical it does not produce actual a WIF Private Key as WIF’s or your Wallet Imput Format always start with a 5. These Private Key’s are in the old standard format or also called “Old WIF” format since they start with a L or K. I have quite a few CP Wallets and I’ve yet to see one have Private Keys in the new WIF format better known as Base 58 WIF format. It’s that simple I just elaborated more than I should have, quite typical for me. I apologize.

Now, to change your pass phrase. Look at the top right of the home screen, obviously logged in. So same view as I walked through above. Look to the gear immediately to the right of the “Donate” button. Click the gear and that is where you can adjust your theme and directly below the theme adjustment you can encrypt your pass phrase into a password. I believe it states those exact words except in a directive manner unlike my laid back way of speaking. When you created your wallet, you would have had the option to do this upon creation of the wallet. But like many others you probably overlooked the option. Now one thing you need to keep in mind, if I remember correctly as I do not change a 12 word pass phrase for a password even though my passwords are a minimum of 21 characters salted. Sorry off track once again, if I remember right the password option is only good for the specific number of blocks to be indexed that you input. This is good as it forces you to change your password frequently. Now if it’s still the way I remember it to be, keep in mind that 2016 blocks is essentially 2 weeks. Now that Gavin HAD to raise the block size and like I watched and sat through 4 blocks of over 103 minutes a piece 2 weeks ago, that has caused Cyberpunk’s Grand Design of 10 minute blocks to disappear. Meaning that 2016 blocks now are taking more like 16 days instead of running almost like Swiss Clockwork lasting 14 days so the difficulty can be adjusted accordingly every 14 days. Hence the large peaks and valleys in difficulty adjustment lately. Anyway I must apologize again as that is something I fought against and still am quite perturbed about still. I apologize as you do not need to hear that.

So I would think you are set up now to do what it is you are wanting to do. If I missed anything please let me know how I may be of help to you. For that matter anything and anytime feel free to leave me a message if help is warranted as I enjoy helping people. Sorry I took an extra day to respond, that is rather unlike me as well.


–Paul - pkeane4osu–

I don’t need the priv key for my counterparty wallet,

There’s no private key for the wallet, there’s a pass phrase (also there is Easy Access key - see FAQs)

And is it possible to change my pass phrase?


I need the priv key for 1FK32eU7srjwjV9HfGsNL1aaDKJXHbRDDu which is the address holding my tokens.

If the answer provided by p* is not easy to understand, check out the FAQs.

I see you were able to determine that skiver’s address was a Counterp address. Can you tell me if this is also? 144Yz8icM5prgvqqt9n3Vx9PyUELEnjuEW I have been trying to find out where I created this address for some time now. Can you help me find this out? Thank you in advance sir.

I can tell you it does not hold any counterparty tokens but 0.005 BTC

Just because it doesn’t hold any CP tokens doesn’t exactly mean that it isn’t a Counterparty Address. However, it does not have any non standard transactions within its ledger of transactions. So being that it does not hold any CP tokens AND since it does not have any transactions to or from a Counterparty Address, I would safely assume that the address you asked about is NOT a Counterparty Address. I am sorry that I can not offer any more help but at least we can eliminate Counterparty from the list of wallets it could have been derived from. Let me know if I could help you any further. —pkeane4osu

Thank you sir for your prompt reply.

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As I looked at your address —> 144Yz8icM5prgvqqt9n3Vx9PyUELEnjuEW further, the last tx received 12/29/2017 was for 0.005 btc. After looking into that address that sent the 0.005 btc to you, I would assume that address is either 1 of 2 things. First, it could be from some sort of small mining pool, that you and many others have the withdraw threshold set at 0.005 btc. Then secondly, it possibly could be some sort of faucet that you signed up to that has/had a similar set up to the first example with a 0.005 btc withdraw threshold. However, the first example would be more likely in my opinion. The only reason I brought up the faucet possibility is because it appears to me that the very first tx for that address along with a couple other appear to be faucet payments.

So, if I were you, I would think back to any mining pools that you were involved with and then any faucets that you may have used. If you can remember what you used that address for, then quite possibly you will remember where/how you created the address. Over many years of mining, especially once pooled mining started, remembering what address I used for each account, pool or solo miner could always direct me to the specific wallet that held each address if I ever forgot. But just because that worked for me on the rare occasions I happened to forget, doesn’t mean it will work positively for you. However, I hope it helps you out.

Well hopefully something I said will help you with locating your address. I do have more helpful information I could pass if I had more specific information. Just always remember, never pass on any private keys, passwords, passphrases or anything else that would allow anyone access to your address that would allow them to sweep your funds. —pkeane4osu