How to create a new asset?

Let’s say I want to raise funds for my company/project and I want to use counter party to issue dual-class shares, that I eventually want to start selling to raise Bitcoins to fund my company entirely without fiat?

I don’t see any options to do this on the left hand side menu, am I missing something, or asset creation is something that can’t be done through the current UI?

I can’t say (because I don’t know) if Counterparty-issued assets would qualify as “shares” in your jurisdiction, so you’d have to check about that part. 

The way I understand it Counterparty provides a platform for digital asset issuance and it’s up to each issuer (of assets, tokens, coins) to determine how that works in his jurisdiction.

Now, in terms of what can be done to differentiate between 2 categories of owners: I also think there’s no way to issue one asset and “label” part of them differently. 

But you could issue two assets, COMPANYCLASSA and COMPANYCLASSB.

In our case the point would be to generate a share that simply has a value because people believe in the value the company provides to the world.

If we wanted to be in any jurisdiction we’d go to a VC in the US and get funded in fiat. Our whole point is to be able to be funded with anyone in the world with access to BTC, so any person with a wallet is potentially a stakeholder in the company and we’d be traded in a worldwide market, not bound to any state or centralized financial regulatory authority taking $7 per trade off the average joe trying to do business.

Makes sense, we’ll have to issue two instruments then, and value the company in this structure.

Is it possible to create options, so that these can be distributed to the founding members, but not to make them rich on day one of trading, but to have them commited to the organization’s success in the long term?

If we wanted to be in any jurisdiction we’d go to a VC in the US and get funded in fiat.

Roger on that! :slight_smile:

Options (or something like options) is discussed under this enhancement request (there may be others, but now I found this one):

In regards to the US, the JOBS act Title III ( is supposed to enable equity investing for larger numbers of investors and ones that are not fully accredited (i.e. rich already) but is not yet fully implemented. I just requested an update at and if you are interested in being able to crowdfund an asset in the US and places that look to the US for guidance, you should do the same.