Exchange outreach

Update: Received response from another exchange. They have preliminarily greenlighted a XCP listing around the end of the month, post the next Counterparty mainnet update-

They have also expressed a possible interest in a sponsorship/ donating trade fees to Counterparty foundation towards development- details are unfinalized at the moment-- they are interested in hearing the views of the counterparty community with regards to fostering a positive mutual partnership.


Greate work :partying_face::partying_face: Keep it up man :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Hi Monkey,

Thank you so much for your hard work, especially in the field of exchange outreach. Getting XCP listed on more exchanges would greatly increase both the visibility and liquidity of Counterparty.

One quick suggestion — Japanese exchanges may be a good place to look for listings.

The Japanese ministry of finance has a very short list of currencies/tokens approved for trading on exchanges. As of early this year, there were only 19 currencies/tokens listed on the “white list” (officially approved).


Given that XCP is one of the few cryptos to get gov’t approval, it stands to reason that some of the exchanges may be interested in listing XCP.

Koji Higashi would probably be a good guy to contact on this topic. Hopefully some of the counterparty OGs have communication channels with him and could look into reaching out to Japanese exchanges.

Warm regards,

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Hey all,

The Zaif buy order book is starting to look a bit thick:

Maybe some investors/traders here are hoping that the new foundation will result in a reboot for the counterparty project?

I hope this kicks off to an auspicious start!

BTW I’ve got a bit more than 6000 XCP sitting on the exchange, so I probably won’t vote, but I might try to get it into a wallet if it looks like it would help push the election in a positive direction.

I’m a bit surprised by the small number of voters, and the relatively low number of XCP involved in the voting process so far.

What are the big XCP holders up to?

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It seems like a lot of big bags are still sitting on old exchanges, forgotten forever. F

I believe every vote helps, so you should use your XCP and broadcast your votes.

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What about that exchange?

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Hi Jess,

Yes, it is a bit surprising to see how few XCP have been involved in the voting process so far. Even the most influential and qualified candidates appear to have received only a relatively small number of votes, so I would guess that their holdings are not as big as one might imagine.

It would be good if the counterparty opinion leaders could hold larger amounts of XCP and increase their upside potential from their contributions to counterparty development.

I also wonder, where are the big wallet holders?

The top 10 wallets have anywhere from 26,000 xcp to 340,000 xcp. Why are these large stakeholders not involved in the selection of foundation directors?

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Greetings all!
Canidate No.1
2019 Counterparty Nominee

I want to express how much I appreciate this post. I have worked hard on exchange outreach since 2015 for XCP and my projects Counterparty Based Asset Tokens. The listing procedure has been tough and very bias due process. I see mich successful for CP as we internalize our power.

Best regards

World Chaplin
Hon. Larry Shelton

Thanks guys.
I enjoyed talking to you in this CP election.
And I’m glad to have someone understand it. I hope you improve CP to a better mechanism and gain the trust of many people.
My XCP was mostly limited to ZAIF, so I couldn’t use it this time.
If we can participate again next year, I would like to improve and take on challenges. However, it is a pity that XCP holders have hardly participated in the polls. It may be limited to ZAIF as well as me. And it is a pity that FISCO is too indifferent.
We also think that we need to consider moving only the agreed XCP to another new asset.
I always support CP development.

Thank you very much.

GSOS Osamu Takehisa

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Greetings all!
Canidate No.1
2019 Counterparty Nominee

This is something I mentioned before to the community. The election it seem to not reflect the true market holders and their views. This is why I suggest most of the things I do suggest as a nominee and future Community Director one day!
Best regards

World Chaplin
Hon. Larry Shelton

Lets keep this thread about Exchange outreach and keep any conversations on other topics to a minimum in this thread.

Thank You,

I personally don’t think we need exchanges.

We have the DEX and we have dispensers coming.

Exchanges are money washers, that’s the sad fact. They allow one currency to go in and another to come out.

I would advise against exchange outreach.

However, this is my own personal opinion, not CP’s. Our board will decide.

Ryan Baptiste :us::canada::jp::earth_americas:


I am here to assist you! At we have one director who will understand the needed professionalism and standards we must meet I have mentioned this election. Which also includes exchange outreach. I agree with the direction we are headed! Exchanges may want to come to us!

Best regards

World Chaplin
Hon. Larry Shelton

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Wasn’t there already one exchange in the process of activating xcp trading for this week or so? I’m sure that if other exchanges see volume on this first one, other will follow
Btw I agree that DEX should be the strenght xcp should base itself off, it is what real maximalist wanted since the beginning anyway


Hey @monkey ,

Haven’t seen your update since a while. Are you still active on exchange outreach?

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Everyone disappeared apparently, by the way I found an exchange where you can trade xcp/btc maybe you already knew it


Hi all,

I too have my XCP at Zaif (which is to be merged with the Fisco exchange this year).

Zaif now has only 1/15 of the crypto volume of Bitflyer, and I imagine it has fallen rather far down the list of Japanese exchanges in terms of volume.

It would be huge for XCP to get a listing on a more active exchange like Bitflyer. Growth in trading volume, price, market cap, and investor interest would all be good catalysts to attract both users and investors to take a look at getting involved with counterparty.

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I’ve mentioned it before, but there are only a small number of cryptocurrencies that have been approved by the ministry of finance for use on crypto exchanges. The White List of approved currencies currently has only 21 coins.

Bitcoin(ビットコイン) |BTC|
Bitcoincash(ビットコインキャッシュ) |BCH|
Ethereum(イーサリアム) |ETH|
Ethereumclassic(イーサリアムクラシック) |ETC|
Ripple(リップル) |XRP|
Litecoin(ライトコイン) |LTC|
Monacoin(モナコイン) |MONA|
Nem(ネム) |XEM|
Lisk(リスク) |LSK|
Factom(ファクトム) |FCT|
Zaif(ザイフ) |ZAIF|
Qash(キャッシュ) |QASH|
Comsa(コムサ) |CMS|
Bitcrystals(ビットクリスタル) |BCY|
Counterparty(カウンターパーティー) |XCP|
StorjcoinX(ストレージコインエックス) |SJCX|
Pepecash(ぺぺキャッシュ) |PEEPCASH|
Fiscocoin(フィスココイン) |FSCC|
Caicacoin(カイカコイン) |CICC|
Zen(ゼン) |ZEN|
Comsa(コムサ) |CMS|

So out of the thousands of crypto coins/tokens in existence, Japanese exchanges can only choose from these 21 coins/tokens when looking for something to add to their offerings.

This fact makes XCP a potential candidate for new listings in Japan, where the competition is limited to just 21 coins/tokens.

I strongly suggest that the new foundation reach out to Japanese exchanges to discuss how to get XCP listed in more exchanges in Japan.

Looking forward to hearing from the new board…


Hello @IJIN

There in Japan would be much potential for our token MAYUYACOIN (まゆやコイン) |MAYUYACOIN|. So, we need to be listed on a exchange who accept XCP. What must we do to get listed on a Japanese Exchange where XCP has a strong market?

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As I noted above, the list of cryptocurrencies approved (informally?) by the Ministry of Finance is quite short. As it includes not only XCP, but also a number of XCP tokens, the reality is that many of the top 30 coins in terms of market cap are not yet approved for use in Japanese exchanges.

Therefore, my guess is that the MoF will prioritize approving major cryptos over small and relatively new tokens/coins.

However, XCP and the XCP based tokens on the list are not pretty much only traded on Zaif, so there is plenty of room to get XCP, Pepecash, and maybe Bitcrystals listed on some of the other tens of exchanges in Japan.

I recall when Japan was first trying to figure out what coins to approve, the MoF had a hearing with crypto/blockchain companies and asked for their opinions. Takao Asayama/Zaif made a request that XCP and those tokens be put on the white list, and it did go through.

It appears that Asayama-san is no longer on the BCCC board (, but if someone here knows Asayama-san, perhaps he could provide an introduction to get a current BCCC board member to support development and promotion of XCP projects in Japan.

Every new listing of XCP on a validated Japanese exchange would provide great exposure.