EVMPARTY: EVM SafeGuard (XCP PoS vote to halt the EVM)

So in the last update we’ve said that we’ll allow the community to halt the EVM executions in case there is a reason to (a bug basicly): http://counterparty.io/news/counterpartys-evm-port-moves-forward/

This means that you can vote to halt (and resume) the EVM execution for a period of time to allow for a fix for a bug.

Now we need to sort of the details for this!

We can do either one of these 2:

1) make the vote explicitly initiated
so anyone could initiate a vote for ENABLE_EVM or DISABLE_EVM with a deadline / expiration window, people will vote YES / NO, after the deadline the vote is over.

but then the question would be;
1a) as soon as X% YES votes are reached, trigger the halt/resume?
if the vote is well coordinated this means it could instantly trigger and won’t leave a chance to vote against it.

1b) or set a deadline before triggering the halt/resume?
this would mean that until the deadline is reached the EVM keeps running with the bug in effect.
and what would be the deadline then? a few hours? 24hrs? X hrs after hitting either YES or NO?

2) make it a infinite / rolling vote?
so you either vote ENABLE or DISABLE or BLANK, unless you change your vote, it stays in effect forever.
this would be visualized with a slider going left and right until it hits either activation point <DISABLE----[]----ENABLED>

the question remains;
2a) when it hits either point, does it trigger instantly?

my problem with option 1 is that there’s no good way to give people a chance to NO vote and working with a deadline for when the voting ends means the response time goes down a lot.

with the 2nd option you vote stays in effect forever, until you change it, but it also means that if a big whale votes ENABLE and then goes awol it will require more votes to switch to DISABLE even when it would make sense a couple of weeks / months later.