Endowment fund with Counterparty

Is it possible to use Counterparty for endowment fund with this requirements?

1) When fund is created, N people receive voting rights.
2) 10% of the fund is spent per year.
3) Annually there is a vote who will receive the prize.
4) Most voted address gets the prize.

This is complicated enough that it is not part of Counterparty as it is in production now but I would imagine that it could be done via an Ethereum contract, functionality for which is available on testnet today.

  1. You would have to distribute (sell at certain price) 1/N of issuance to N persons
    2) 10% of the fund could be spent by issuing 10% of asset in order to dilute existing issuance (you’d also have to sell it to a willing buyer or buyers)
    3) Who would vote? Those N persons? That can be done in 2 ways. One way is to create a list of all addresses, then have address owners submit their vote (any text, such as Yes, No, Number 388) to vote for particular address (who should get the prize) from a list.
    4) Prize could be sent to the address with most (weighted?) votes.

    There would have to be one person (or more, maybe, after multisig is ready) in charge of issuing the asset and running this fund.
    You can use the testnet Counterwallet to play with that. Instructions for asset issuance can be found the Web and Support site.

    As weex said it’d be better to organize this with Serpent scripts to make it completely automated. 


You could start with this as a template


Is there a release date for Serpent scripts support in mainnet?

@Pennatu, we don’t need to add Serpent support explicitly (except at a UI level)—users can compile Serpent code to EVM code and use that with Counterparty