CW says enhanced feed info not valid - why?

I issued a broadcast on testnet from source address mt9WRXRphy3yDx1rg6XMV8Y7DtMHxqtZy2:

Here’s the JSON file, basically copied from DevTut: Enhanced Feed Info | Counterparty.
The file validates fine.

Now when use Counterwallet on Testnet, it tells me it can’t find Enhanced Feed Information at this address.
Testnet instance of CW:

Can someone tell me which part is wrong?

(The Betting feature may be blocked for US-based IP’s, in which case you won’t see Betting in the menu).

The enhanced feed information will only show up in counterwallet if :

1.) The enhanced JSON feed data is in a valid format which passes the schema checks
2.) The enhanced JSON feed data is successfully parsed into counterblock

I would try again, except this time
1.) Broadcast your feed
2.) Monitor counterblock logs to confirm the successfull parsing of feed data BEFORE trying to place a bet
3.) Try your bet again using the new feed :slight_smile:

That was a while ago, I think that was a bug in CW that may have been fixed (or not) by now.
We should make it possible to do everything from within the wallet…