Counterwallet Tutorial Videos (by FoldingCoin)

Robert @FoldingCoin has been doing a good job on Counterwallet video tutorials, I think they deserve a topic on the forum :smile: .

Here’s the link to the playlist

Maybe this is a good place to ask for a specific tutorial or provide feedback.

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Thanks for posting this! So far we have 3 other videos completed and will release them on wen, fri, and mon. The videos we have done are:

  • LTB and XCP companion wallet from @loon3
  • Counterwallet Broadcast
  • Counterwallet Dividends

We have a list of general topics we will go in depth to such as

  • The remaining Counterwallet Features
  • Blockscan in depth
  • Coindaddy in depth

But if anyone has any videos they would like to see please post here and we will get to them :smiley:

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That’s a great list.

I personally prefer videos over text, especially when there’s something new to learn, so I think these are very useful for the community. Keep up the good work :smiley:

New video for the LTB and XCP companion wallets from @loon3 is available

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Nice! :thumbsup:

We have a new video up, it goes over paying dividends using the counterwallet

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New video - “Counterwallet 6 - Broadcasting Messages”

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Great job one these videos! Keep them coming :smiley:

Sorry its been a little bit, we have some great features coming out we have been working on. We now have the next video ready though, DEX trading on Counterwallet:

New Counterwallet Video covering the History and More tabs in Counterwallet. This concludes the Counterwallet series for now, And I will be beginning a Blockscan / Coindaddy series next.

We now have a new series beginning going over