Counterparty CLI inputs and fees

I’m just starting to play around with the counterparty CLI and I’m currently trying to understand the sending and fees.

For example let’s say in my counterparty wallet (using counterparty-server/counterparty-client) i have the following balances:

“BTC”: 0.01375549,
“GEMZ”: “10”

“BTC”: 0.00010858,
“GEMZ”: “15”

Question 1: Is there any way for me to send 25 GEMZ in a single transaction? Or is it only possible to make 2 transactions (one for 10 GEMZ and one for 15 GEMZ)?

Question 2: If I try to send 15 GEMZ from ADDRESS_B I will get a message saying insufficient fee…can’t I use the BTC in my wallet (at ADDRESS_A or some other address) to pay the fee on the send?

Q1: You need to use two tx. I don’t know if it’s possible outside of the CLI, but in any case you’d have to make two transactions. It would only be a matter of probably saving a tiny bit of tx fee (5340 satoshis, if it were possible). But you’d have to use “raw” Bitcoin API to make that happen, the Counterparty API or CLI doesn’t have this feature.

Q2: There was a question about that on this forum, I asked it, and I was told it’s not possible.

I hope @JPJA can give you better answers, he’s been looking into this lately.
Check out his CounterTools on Github!

  1. When you send an asset you pay two “fees” - a fee to the miner and some BTC dust to the recipient. Im pretty sure the default miner fee is 0.00010000 and amount to recipient around 0.00005000. Your balance is too low to cover both these costs. Try lowering the fee a bit.

Q2 is also about paying for send from addr2 using unspent outputs from addr1.

I think it could be done with Bitcoin API, as it’s been possible on Bitcoin for some time now. I’ll try to find that old post.

I think it’s this one: [REQ] Send-to-Many in a single tx

Off Topic: Counterparty will support Segregated Witness. With it to fees will be lower.

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Topic: Enhanced Asset info

Hello, My name is Crypton. I am rather new to your services and am very interested in investing in counterparty stock which I have as of recently. I am trying to create a new coin and need help with this article in particular., I have read through the page thoroughly and am still having trouble with the entire process. Please get a hold of me as soon as you’re able to.

Regards, Crypton C. Crypt.

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