API question: pay for token send from another address

Is there an example of how to pay transaction fee using BTC from address A in order to send an asset from address B?

Is this even possible?

Can you send UTXOs from multiple addresses in the same transaction?

It doesn’t seem to be possible, but I got that question (probably inspired by Bitcoin-Qt’s approach) and I’m wondering if someone knows for sure.

I just googled a bit to see if there’s anything that might make that possible and I’m not sure if https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/OP_CHECKSIG#Procedure_for_Hashtype_SIGHASH_ANYONECANPAY is related.


There is code that recognizes a transaction built with utxos from multiple addresses. But the current version of counterpartyd will ignore any transaction that spends transactions from more than one address.

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I kind of remembered I saw this question asked before, but couldn’t remember where.
Here it is: