CIP Proposal - Scheduled Distributions

Right now, DEX orders have block heights that define when they expire. If an order goes unfilled, the previously escrowed value becomes available again. I’m interested in a similar feature for distributions.

This feature would allow asset owners to schedule future distributions by committing to a block height. But, unlike orders, once scheduled distributions could not be canceled.

I think this could be used in interesting ways:

  • Issuance Lockup
  • Founder Vesting
  • Automated Distributions

Since new issuance of the asset getting the distribution, after the initial scheduling, but before actual distribution, could make scheduled distributions underfunded and therefore invalid, it probably make sense to restrict this to LOCKED assets.

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Do you have a formal CIP in draft?

No I do not have a formality CIP drafted. I do not believe any of my many CIP proposals has reached a level of consensus or input that justifies the CIP #.

I have however launched a project which would greatly benefit from this feature: If I could simply commit all of the planned future distributions than this would be totally trustless.

I have taken the time to create a first draft of this CIP here:

I have not yet submitted it to the official CIP repository, please review and submit feedback.