BEEP asset backed by sound


Ticker BEEP
Units issued 1,000

Each unit of 1 BEEP can always be redeemed for a unique sound.
Or trade BEEP as an asset backed token.

To redeem simply send the BEEP to

and you will get a sound echoed in return as in this transaction

Then take the base64 code (without the text "BEEP") and decode it
Dowload the image file

Now download the program Virtual ANS

In virtual ANS go to "LOAD" and load the image file
Press play and there is your BEEP!

Once a beep is redeemed it is gone forever.
Each BEEP is backed by a one of a kind sound
No BEEP is alike

Forget backed by Fiat or backed by Gold!

Every thought has a sound, every sound a thought, how valuable is a thought?