Asset Ownership Transfer with Private Key?

Any existing tool that enables transfer of asset ownership with private key input (not 12 word passphrase)?

You can always manually generate a CP transaction and sign it with your private key… tho I imagine your looking for a simple point-n-click interface.

You should be able to do that with desktop wallet

  1. Download desktop client
  2. Create a wallet (or import one… doesn’t really matter)
  3. Menu->Change Address
  4. Options->Import Private Key
  5. Input the private key and click OK (the address is now added to your wallet)
  6. Select/double-click the imported address from the address list (your now using this address)
  7. Menu->Transfer Ownership
  8. Fill in destination address, token name, and desired tx fee and click “Transfer Ownership”

Import Private Key screen

Transfer Ownership menu item

Transfer Asset Ownership screen

Great, thank you very much !!!