.5 BTC bounty sign a CP transaction in breadwallet

Hello Everyone ! Here is a little bounty for 0.5 BTC

Hello Everyone

I have a little bounty. A little hack into an existing wallet

I would like you to take breadwallet ios source code. https://github.com/voisine/breadwallet

Look under

- (BOOL)signTransaction:(BRTransaction *)transaction[/code]

and see if you can replace the transaction object in order to include a transaction generated by the counterparty API output :

From : http://counterparty.io/docs/api/#transaction-encodings
Send 1 XCP (specified in satoshis) from one address to another.

[code]payload = {
           "method": "create_send",
           "params": {
                      "source": "1CUdFmgK9trTNZHALfqGvd8d6nUZqH2AAf",
                      "destination": "17rRm52PYGkntcJxD2yQF9jQqRS4S2nZ7E",
                      "asset": "XCP",
                      "quantity": 1
           "jsonrpc": "2.0",
           "id": 0,

I expect two outcomes
The outcome would to the feasibility is :

  1. Done the source code has been updated to include a hard coded transaction request to the API that can be signed and broadcasted
  2. Source code not updated but with a detailed description why this function can’t be used out of the box and why.

Second output

Is a rough estimate about half a page on what would it take to implement counterparty API to breadwallet source code. This mean allowing people to view and send not only bitcoin but other asset counterparty.

Depending on the feasibility we might we could start a bigger the full project.

Thank you a lot

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