What is the difference between Total and Real Estimated Total when placing an order?

Total is the amount you specify in your order. This means you cannot spend more than this amount.

Real Estimated Total is the amount at prices currently required to fill the order (which depends on quantities and prices of counter-offers available at the DEx in relation to your order). Real Estimated Total can be lower, equal or higher than Total.

  • For sell orders “Real Estimated Total” is always >= than “Total” (Here “Total” is the minimum you will receive).
  • For buy orders “Real Estimated Total” is always <= than “Total” (Here “Total” is the maximum you will spend).


There is one sell order of 1COIN for 1BTC, another one of 1COIN for 2BTC, and the third one of 1 coin for 3BTC. You want to buy 2COIN for 4BTC.

In this case Total will equal 4BTC (the amount of BTC you’re selling, i.e. using to acquire 2COIN), while Real Estimated Total will equal 3BTC (the amount of BTC actually required to buy 2COIN).
In this example Real Estimated Total is lower than Total.

If you wanted to buy 1.5COIN for 2BTC, Total would be 2BTC and Real Estimated Total would also be 2BTC (1BTC to buy the cheapest 1COIN, and 1BTC to buy 0.5COIN from the person offering 1COIN for 2BTC).