What happened to betting?

The former platforms BetXCP and XBet.io were both good starting points for next-generation betting. For those unfamiliar with betting on CP, the advantages are quite revolutionary:

  1. since it’s Bitcoin based, transparency is 100%
  2. since the platform is open, no registration is needed
  3. the operator does not hold you funds, they are escrowed by the protocol

Some time ago Augur switched to Ethereum. My gut feeling is that Augur became overly complex and Ethereum’s developers promised they could serve them, while Counterparty’s wouldn’t. In my book that’s a plus for CP’s integrity. Time will tell how it all unfolds.

What I hope someone will develop for CP:

  • Betting platform with XCP, no registration needed
  • GUI is all inside a modified Counterwallet
  • A BTC-XCP vending machine included (good profit potential for the operator)
  • Rates/odds are real-time off-blockchain updated in the GUI.
  • A market maker sets the rates and promises to match users’ orders on the blockchain
  • Marketing is needed to attract users

This is not a one-man job, but a serious effort by a competent team can really make a revolutionary platform. From the user experience point-of-view I think not needing to register is the largest advantage. The escrow function is in theory very good too, but I don’t think gamblers really care. From a legal point it may be very good for the operator though.

I played with it the other day and can’t make the damn thing work any more. If you can help me find the reason this attempt is invalid, I’d gladly give you 5 XCP :slight_smile:


If you will forgive the plug, here is a new platform for NFL betting:


@JPJA’s CounterTools readme says bets can be broadcast - I haven’t had a chance to try (been busy doing performance testing) the tools yet, so I want to ask is the entire workflow supported - eg create a feed, bet, decide the outcome?


No functionalities for betting yet except that technically you can broadcast betting info (so can you with Counterwallet).
High up on the TODO list is a GUI interface for betting.

I see.
Sounds good, gotta try CounterTools soon!