Unable to sweep token

I made a nasty mistake and hope someone can help. I forgot I had a dispenser running on one of my CP addresses. I sent funds from my electrum wallet to the CP address with the dispenser running. I now have a CP asset sitting in my electrum wallet address.

I have tried to sweep the address using the private key into my CP wallet. When I do this, the wallet see’s it as a valid key but does not show any assets.

If I use the private key from another CP address, it shows everything in that address.

Have I lost the asset for good, or is there something else I can try to return this asset to my CP wallet?

Many thanks for any assistance in advance.

does the address that shows up when you import the private key match the address in your electrum wallet? Could be your importing the private key, but not putting the p2wpkh: before the private key, so the private key is getting imported as a normal address (legacy) and not a segwit address