Trezor Support within

Are there plans to support Trezor devices within so you can store your CounterWallet Assets within the Trezor address too?

Trezor has the functionality there it would just need to be integrated within CounterParty. There was an open bounty in the past and it appears to be closed but no work was done on it that I can tell.

Any new regarding Trezor support?

Ledger support may happen sooner, and it looks like Indiesquare Wallet guys may be the first to accomplish that. (The same pass phrase that Counterwallet uses can be used with Indiesquare Wallet).

@computeronix, as I remember the bounty on Github was closed because it was kind of generic; the devs thought that bounties should be very specific (“Tresor support” instead of “h/w wallet support, such as Tresor”).

@heunland is active in the community and interested in Tresor support as well, if you want to talk to her you can join the Countparty Slack. Personally I think it wouldn’t be complicated to add Tresor or Ledger support to Indiesquare or CoinDaddy’s mobile wallet.

Depending on the source code license the same code could then be added to Counterwallet, so my personal recommendation is to donate only to work that will result in the MIT or BSD licensed code.

(Unrelated: Armory is the only way at the moment to have an offline address and I last I heard it works fine.)