SEC rule 613 - consolidated audit trail

This data structure works for both the exchange and audit trail. Easy compliance.

Transaction id
Commerce id
Item type
Time stamp

Does mr. Byrne have a contact at the SEC? Perhaps a discussion is in order. Possible licensing of technology to Nasdaq and NYSE etc.

Maybe that could be done by a single query to the Counteparty DB…

A problem is such audit would be meaningless without the SEC knowing who owns what address (which is what Bit License draft calls for). But it’d be already useful for those issuers that want to do voluntary auditing/compliance.

It is time to talk about this subject with Patrick.

The commerce id can be location-aware.

@andrewbb, can you summarize what you’re trying to do with these mentions of database table schemas? Are you thinking of building something like Medici and thinking aloud on what sort of data you’d keep track of?

Yes and more.

We need to speak with Patrick. I am probably your VP of business development or architecture on this venture.

My basic resume.