[Response] I honestly don't think Counterparty has a future

Continuing the discussion from Counterparty Foundation Election 2015 (March 19th - April 16th):

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There is a culture in the crypto space that expects very fast innovation. New projects receive much of the attention at the expense of less new projects. New projects can innovate incredibly fast because they don’t have anything to break yet.

I don’t see the development of Counterparty slowing at all. The code base is growing and maturing. We aren’t seeing as many new features because effort is going toward stabilizing existing features.

This is a normal and healthy trajectory for any project.

We have to realize that by any normal standard, all of these bitcoin 2.0 projects are very, very young projects. What is new and shiny now may have very little to do with which projects survive 5 years and begin to look like mature, long-lasting pillars of a multi-national cryptocurrency infrastructure.

But even with all that said, there is plenty to look forward to in 2015 for Counterparty. Smart contracts on mainnet will be huge. And there is the commercial entity of Symbiont.

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