Recaptcha, audio etc

Good day,
Appreciate your site. However recaptchas take a long time with their errors. An hour after I accessed your site for the first time, all sorts of advertisements started piling up along with these stubborn recaptchas and such. One thing is for sure- it keeps honest, hardworking like us away from your sites.

Another reason is that all these ads and recaptcha and such weigh the browser down so heavily that your web page take 15 minutes to load and not even a minute to collect.

Please do look into this matter and solve them permanently.

Thank you very much

What recaptcha? What ads?

Good day,
Thank y for the prompt reply.
When I first came across your site more than a week ago, I just had to enter the wallet address into and collect. vfaucet was clean fun. Within a few days, came the captcha- a popup that forces you to click some thing out of a list of pictures. Then another popup asks you to do another and another. This continues for 5 minutes. Then an error box pops up and then you have to redo the whole thing. Just yesterday, I spent five out of ten hours to entering captchas. Couldn’t collect much.
And yes all advertisment pop up around the click tabs- and well… Please check and you can experience for yourself. Do reply…

If you are having problems with the faucet please report it here or here. You can also send me a direct email from the page. The faucet is an separate entity from counterparty and just utilizes the counterparty technology. (btw, there are no pop-ups or audio etc. in the faucet, I recommend scanning your system for adware).

To clarify, that’s a 3rd party site, operated and owned by a community member.