ProducerCoin and EmploymentCoin launch assistance needed

My name is Fred Lundgren. I am the founder and CEO of KCAA Radio in Loma Linda, CA. KCAA was the first commercially licensed broadcast station in North America, (according to Coinbase) to accept Bitcoin. See
I have developed a currency concept that supports small farms (non GMO) and minimum wage workers. It is based upon the Parity Concept. It is designed to bridge the price gap between the LOW market price at the farm gate and the honest Parity price the small and mid-sized farmer should receive. It is also designed to bridge the gap between the poverty minimum wage and a minimum “living wage”.
Honest macro economics is not taught in schools at any level. Very few people outside the elite among the banking community realize there are scientific rules tied to physics and the flow of energy that govern wealth creation and its equitable distribution to the masses. These rules, if recognized and followed, can result in more uniform prosperity in developed countries and the elevation of living standards in all developing countries, especially those countries that have the ability and willingness to foster a people’s based capitalist economy. 
Here is the first rule of Parity. An hour of labor at minimum wage must have the same value as the Parity price of a bushel of wheat at the first point of sale. In 2014, those prices are both $18.00. Instead, in America, and in most other countries that are self-sufficient in food production, we subsidize agriculture and keep wages so low for so many that it forces millions to live under subsidized housing and subsidized food…
To sustain these central bank created systems, the masses are forced into a continuous orgy of borrowing but they can only borrow the principal amount of the loan and never the interest.  This forces perpetual borrowing and a forced game of “musical chairs”, dictating the transference of wealth to the top of the economy and the exploitation of most of the people on the planet.
New peer to peer crypto currencies are not banker owned and created. They are a true form of people’s money. These currencies are not borrowed into circulation to immediately become interest bearing debt. Instead, they begin and exist as the debt free money of working people.
ProducerCoin and EmploymentCoin hold the potential to become the new free coinage of Silver for the masses that was envisioned by William Jennings Bryan and made famous with his Cross of Gold speech. These coins can become the cyberspace version of United States Notes or a new issuance of Silver Certificates as envisioned, but never realized by JFK. 
I am looking for a few good people who “get it” and who UNDERSTAND THE POTENTIAL FOR GOOD that can come from circulating a currency which is backed by real value at the foundation level of the economy.
To better understand the Parity concept, see
To see the website home of the ProducerCoin and EmploymentCoin, visit
Call me if you are a developer who is interested in working on this project.
Fred Lundgren   
Katy Tx
(281) 599-9800

Fred and I have talked extensively about this project.  It’s a good idea and he has the connections on-the-ground to execute on it, I’d be actively working on this project if not for my own.


Thank you for your interest in Counterparty!

Since I am a member of the core team, I feel it would be inappropriate for me to help you with developing your coin, per se, but I would be happy to discuss how Counterparty’s functionality can help you create the coin you envision. If you would like, you can PM me with the specifics of the coin you have in mind - or, alternatively, discuss it here with the community!

Here is my website which is under development and it explains the concept fully.
Please call me at 281 599 9800 or provide a phone number where I may reach you.
My email is