Need a good BTC-XCP exchange

Polo is unreliable. Sometimes (or lately; often) deposits or withdrawals are stuck for hours.

Bter got hacked. Are they safe?

Shapshift is expensive.

The DEX with BTC is not enabled in Counterwallet.

Is any good option for BTC-XCP trade?

Indeed. I got these rates:
Buy BTC: 1 BTC = 270.11316705 XCP
Buy XCP: 1 XCP = 0.00344696 BTC BTC
It implies rates of 0.00370 and 0.00345 - a spread of a whopping 7.2%!!!

(I clicked on ‘precise’ rates. With ‘quick’ they are even worse.)

Note that traditional exchanges also have a spread (in addition to fee). On an exchange, however, you can place your order in the middle of the spread and usually get filled.

I should add:

Shapeshift is very good if you want a small amount of XCP or don’t care that much about the price. The advantage is that Shapeshift is very easy to use. No signup.

Poloniex, Bter and other exchanges have lower fees but you need to deposit BTC/XCP there. In the worst case they get “hacked” or your account gets frozen or something of that nature. I use Polo but I always deposit a relatively small amount and withdraw immediately after a trade.

The DEX with BTC can be a good option if a buyer and seller agree to trade a large amount. It is trustless and has no fees. The downside is that it is slow and the user experience cannot be compared to a traditional exchange. It is disabled in Counterwallet for the mentioned reasons.

FYI, there is also a swapbot setup to exchange BTC/XCP at :

Polo’s unique way of sending and receiving XCP and CP assets has issues with CP server.
There’s a fix being worked on and if it turns out to help withdrawals from Polo will soon (couple of weeks?) start working smoothly.

BTC on the DEx is possible if you use the CP API or CLI (an example can be found here).
Indiesquare mobile wallet uses the API.
Of course the DEx is “slower” and not suitable for day trading.