Login problems to counterwallet

I tryed to login today but whit no luck. It goes to a blue bar after I put in my phrase words, and then, nothing. I logged in last week so I know my phrase works. I use chrome and I`ve tryed edge as a browser as well.

Solved it !!

How? What did you do?

I have a similar problem with the signing.
When the password is only the blue bar does not want to enter into the portfolio.
You can do something about that ???

Im’ getting “no servers available” error.

There was an issue a few days ago where the counterwallet servers were down for a couple hours. The issue has been resolved and the counterwallet servers are back up.

Counterwallet has also been updated to work with firefox again.

I am having this problem now with both Chrome and Firefox? Does anyone have a fix?

It’s easy to see what’s happening if you just follow 2 simple steps from here.

[25/12/2016 18:45:54.618] Got an error when trying to sync BTC balances: JSON-RPC Error: <p><b>Type:</b> Server error</p><p><b>Code:</b> -32000</p><p><b>Message:</b> Got call_jsonrpc_api request error: result is None</p>

In short, it seems Bitcoin service seems to be not responding.
CoinDaddy’s wallet is working fine.