Login issues with my password

i cant login,my adress is 17TEcjPVhXS5ZV1JryeRw4sndkxMcSFT6x the problem is with my 5th code evoke,it say its not accepted or valid

What do you mean by “5th code evoke”?

If the pass phrase is correct you can try another wallet to check if it’s a browser/Counterwallet issue or not. If you forgot more words from the pass phrase than just 1-2, it’s going to be hard to recover.

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i forgotten the paraphase and i would like to recover it

Sorry. but there’s no way to recover it.
Nobody has a copy of any user’s pass phrase and nobody knows who owns which wallet, etc.

If you remember 9 or 10 words, you may have a chance to brute-crack the remaining 2-3 words - there’s a script here.
The same page has a list of all words (see the Python script, mnemonic_word_list) so you can review the words (less than 2,000 of them) to see if you can recognize that some from your pass phrase.

i would like to know more details and get help on this.i do know 9or10words

You need to install Python 2.7 and pip2 install bip32utils', then copy that script and run it withrecover`:

C:\Python27>python.exe wallet_helper.py recover --help
usage: walletHelper recover [-h] --known-phrase KNOWN_PHRASE --known-address
                            KNOWN_ADDRESS [--search-depth SEARCH_DEPTH]
                            --insertion-index {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11}

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --known-phrase KNOWN_PHRASE
                        enter the part of the passphrase which you know
  --known-address KNOWN_ADDRESS
                        enter an address known to be in the wallet
  --search-depth SEARCH_DEPTH
                        enter the number of generated addresses to search for
                        a match per wallet
  --insertion-index {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11}
                        insertion point for unknown word, from 0 to 11
  --old                 for old 10^32 entropy counterwallets

So assuming I my pass phrase is one two three four ? six seven ? nine ten eleven twelve and the ?'s are my forgotten words, I’d run:

recover --known-phrase one two three four six seven nine ten eleven twelve --insertion-index 4,7 --known-address 1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Known phrase is the list of words I remember
  • Insertion index guesses words number 5 and 8 (out of 12)
  • Known address helps the utility validate a solution against one of addresses (any) in the wallet.

If you want you can run this offline.

I haven’t tried to run this before, but I think if you’re not sure about insertion index values, then the script will run much much longer.

I suggest you try to create a new wallet, then use that pass phrase to understand how the script works. Maybe pretend to know 11 words, then 10.

bip32utils which this script uses is a standard BIP32 address generation utility and this isn’t Counterparty-specific. There are estimates (somewhere on the Web) for how long it’d take to find (recover) the full pass phrase if N words are missing. I think if you don’t remember the positions of words you forgot, they chances are extremely low, but you can google it to see if you can find estimates for how long you’d need to run this.

Edit: I tried to run the utility. It only accepts 1 missing word. I created a new wallet with neighbor random laughter pack thought order pretend decide friendship pocket team hunt, and then tried to recover the last word.

python.exe wallet_helper.py recover --known-phrase "neighbor random laughter pack thought order pretend decide friendship pocket team" --insertion-index "11" --known-address 1CnmWdyA3SzPyGxRpe5EzBiYK1K3bX6StB
['neighbor', 'random', 'laughter', 'pack', 'thought', 'order', 'pretend', 'decide', 'friendship', 'pocket', 'team', 'like']
(0, ['15VWoZDQ8yvfgX5WKa6cZU5XBrsNNqvXr7', '1EyPD4Kg7snQLj6eVCibhxsmKDkept8qKZ', '1MzPE68DjYM5p372bQ1dRf5MzBpj1K74WN'])
['neighbor', 'random', 'laughter', 'pack', 'thought', 'order', 'pretend', 'decide', 'friendship', 'pocket', 'team', 'just']
(1, ['14LjNCw54jH9iWezXjTnqPJc6pVAYiz4cD', '1PkEgHNz2bB8WscRYQKMcZjTMryPzZrgLq', '199sgAzTnVoeu7YeaxXcZP1YH1UeGsDqRN'])

The utility just goes through the list of all words and tries them one by one.
It’s not very fast. Probably because of that the author didn’t allow the possibility to look for multiple missing words.

I still suggest to take a look at the list of words in the script and try to remember or at least guess and run multiple python scripts in 2-3 console windows in parallel.

If you look for another 3rd party utility you must find ones that use the same BIP32-compatible word list because those other word lists are different even though they may be BIP32 compatible they won’t work. Last time I searched for something faster, I couldn’t find anything in C language that was using the same BIP32 list.

how do i run it online?

There are no online sites that offer this.

Password (and pass phrase) hacking requires resources and no one wants to pay hosting fees (or risk legal issues) so that others can crack stuff on their computer.

You could rent a VPS or several cheap VPS (minimal configuration), install the scripts and run it online if you wanted to.
A more complicated approach would be to write your own script that uses this script across many Amazon servers, for example, to speed things up, but it would cost a lot.

I can make a javascript recovery tool for you.

It will be a webpage, and I will send it to you. You will run it on your own computer.
(This is essential for security. Else you’d have to trust me not stealing the recovered passphrase)

Note that it will take time to brute force a passphrase.
If you know 10 words, expect up to 3 hours.
If you know 9, up to four months !!!

And this is assuming you know the positions of the 9 or 10 known words.