Log into my CW, warning password wrong etc., now there are no funds

So I had this wallet that I used essentially with STORJ.
I had the link saved and logged using that.
Now I log in, a window pops up saying that the password may be wrong if the account is from before blablabla, and the wallet opens up empty, new.
And now each time I try to use the link it brings me to this empty wallet.
Is there anything wrong I am doing? I don’t think the password is wrong.
I don’t even know my CW address, because I just installed the new version of DriveShare and FANTASTICALLY it deleted the old account on my hard disk and didn’t hold the user data (very clever).

You enter a 12 word passphrase?

Likely you spelled one word wrong. There is a dictionary of valid words and if you typed, say, sign instead of sigh you will login to an empty wallet.

Nobody can help?

No I had the link and only used the password.