Inaccurate Wallet Balance [SOLVED]

First… I’ve been trying to send a private support request for over an hour from three different browsers and every time it say PM can’t be sent because topic can’t be blank, which it isn’t. So here is my problem in public forum:

There are 3 transactions in the History of my counterwallet account. Two of the transactions are not reflected in the total shown in the wallet for SJCX. This is the address all three transactions were sent to:


Amounts were:

They were all sent from Poloniex exchange, here is the data on the two missing ones:

I have checked with Poloniex and they confirmed transactions are on the blockchain.

Thank you

Seems to be fine now. Thank you!

They don’t have to confirm the transactions for you.
If someone sent you something, you can always check by yourself.
For example, here:
If you didn’t receive it within couple of hours, either they didn’t send, or the transaction failed to “go through” (get confirmed).