I cant get into my countwallet ,it is nay chance to get in with support?

Hi support i would like to get into my account but i cant, can i get support from someone!

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Is the passphrase valid?
Or do you login but find an empty account?

… or is the Counterwallet server down?

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No , i save my Passphrase on my hotmail accout, i cant find anymore the file where i save it! So dont know anymore how to get in!

You must have the passphrase. There is no backdoor.

I don’t know how hotmail works but if the mail is still there and you can search within the text file … then try searching some of these words http://xcp.pw/tools/dictionary.html

The passphrase contains 12 of these 1626 words so you will need to make several searches.

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it is ok mate! I losted , luky i dont had much around 0.4 btc, and good i losted before i could had much more on counwallet account! Dont think i will use countwallet anymore anyway! Thanks for your help my friends!

can i get back my passoword if i go to my chronology? where this coin are going? forever on my wallet t must be system to get in

All bitcoin transactions are in public record. If someone could break in just because they can see the record of transactions, nobody would use bitcoin.

If you don’t regain access to those addresses, the coins will remain there (unused/unspent).

yes off course, but it is not any chance to get this passworprhase? could my pc have saved this frase somewhere on my pc system and i can get it back? thanks

In Windows 10 you can quickly search through all files. I suppose you can do this on other OS’ as well,
If you usually save files in ‘documents’, search through many of the dictionary words http://xcp.pw/tools/dictionary.html

It’s quite a job though - search through many of these words before you’ll either find it or can conclude you don’t have the passphrase.

I wonder if you could search for all of those words (1000+) at once. Maybe not.
If not you could save the list one-word-per-row and then find some script (search Windows communities) that can loop through this word list and list all files that contain it (maybe with *.txt extension and < 1KB size?).
You’d probably get dozens if not hundreds of results, though.

Thanks for Bitsupra coin , i got all my coin back!
https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1399769.0 great coin and great stuff dev!

The first level is created through the initial crowd-sale and it will grow directly after it, virtually proportioning an unlimited size of profit with
almost no effort.

Sounds good :wink:

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