How to recover SCJX sent to coinbase for error

I sent 59.74 SJCX to coinbase but his never arrived.How can I get back this to my SCJX balance from counterwallet?

If the transaction got stuck in the network then there is a timeout, I guess 7 days, after that the transaction is cancelled and coins are transferred back.

Thank you ,I understand my money come back in 7 days.I will be waiting.

But if you sent the SCJX to the wrong coinbase address e.g. a BitCoin address then the transaction is completed and you will see a small increase in BitCoin at coinbase for the transaction only and no increase in SCJX at coinbase.

I see on coinbase that arrived 0.07 euros when I did the transaction,then ¿I lost my SCJX definetively?

Can you check in counterwallet transaction history to which address you send the SCJX?
Or in coinbase transaction history for which adress you received the 0.07 euros?
Then check if this address matches the coinbase SCJX deposit address or the coinbase bitcoins address.

If it is the coinbase bitcoin address then the scjx now are there hidden.
If you could get a private key from coinbase for the bitcoin address then you can sweep the SCJX back to your counterwallet.

I think is not possible get private key from coinbase bitcoin address,I did search on google and I read in coinbase forums this mesage:

For our Coinbase Wallet and standard Vault storage services, we don’t share private keys with our customers. Instead, we prefer to offer the peace of mind that comes from the tremendous amount effort and resources behind our secure practices6. Providing access to provide keys would completely undermine this.

That is bad news. Last idea: coinbase can sign messages with a btc address. If this also works for a raw transaction then we can do manual steps to create a raw transaction then sign it and send it.
Who knows about that?

Hello again .Can this info work for my case?