Disrupting the Supply Chain with Instant Sales Data and Unique Product Registration

Imagine if manufactures could get real time sales data on a product no matter what the outlet was. How would this disrupt the current model of the supply chain? A system where a buyer scanned a QR code on a product and a manufacturer would instantly knew one of their products sold for how much and where. The flow of information would speed up tremendously causing greater efficiency in the supply chain, IMO.

How could this work? I imagine a system where users of the system register a product to a product ID much like how domain name’s are registered. Owners of this product ID have full control of this ID which could contain value able data like reviews, images, firmware, manuals. Why would anyone go through the trouble of registering these product ID’s? Potential financial gain. Having a centralized system for all the data on individual product might prove to be very valuable. In a world where majority of products were registered, starting a new web store might be as easy as plugging in the product ID, now you have images, reviews, software, manuals instantly.

Why would buyers want a system like this? It would make their lives much easier. Perhaps you could receive digital ownership rights, auto filled warranty/registration, easy access to software or manuals.

I’m not sure if this type of system is possible with Counterparty or whether is possible at all, but the implications would be huge if it was adopted. Is anyone working on a system like this or anyone interested in creating it?

It sounds good, but it’s also very complicated.

For example
1. Privacy concerns
2. User identity (who does anyone including the manufacturer know who is behind certain address; if not, then some system of ID’s must exist, but which one to use and what are the privacy concerrns)
3. Transfer of ownership (how to do that if something is registered to a bitcoin address?
4. If there be competing systems (as there will be), users will wait until a standard appears, which means slow adoption.

There are several projects that are doing various bits and pieces of it. The oldest piece I know of is NameCoin (for user and other identities).

I think Counterparty could play a role, but integration with other systems is required, which means time, volunteers and work (or bounties) are required…