Common problems, issues and workarounds (2014/10/13)

  1. Address disassociation (“disappeared address”): the current default for pre-created addresses is one. Prior to that there were three and people who had tokens on more than one address discover the other two (or more) are “missing”. Counterparty wallet addresses cannot go missing, they can only be not displayed and a way to display them again is to simply add new addresses inside of Counterwallet.

  1. Lost pass phrase: although Counterwallet prompts users to write down their pass phrase and take good care of it, some users just save it on their computer which doesn’t help when you lose your data. We put together a new KB article with basic common sense advice about that which doesn’t contain any big secrets but is mostly there to serve as a reminder. There is no way to “recover” a lost pass-phrase. - another reminder: pass phrase cannot be changed - general good practices when it comes to security